cartaz de PAULO MENDES 
 integra projecto e exposição 
 colectiva em Nova Iorque


cartaz de PAULO MENDES para o projecto JORNAL MURAL de HUGO CANOILAS que integra a exposição colectiva THE DAYS OF THIS SOCIETY ARE NUMBERED no Abrons Arts Center em Nova Iorque.

Esta exposição é comissariada por MIGUEL AMADO no âmbito da sua residência nesta instituição americana e inaugura dia 6 de Março 2011.

Abrons Arts Center _ New York _ + info

Abrons Arts Center
466 Grand Street
New York, NY 10002
March 7 – April 17 2011
Tuesday – Saturday, 10-6pm
Opening reception: March 6, 6-8pm


Mural Newspaper
is an urban intervention conceived to create a situation where cultural agents attempt to interpellate a specific type of audience: the population of a city as it goes about its daily routine. The space opened up by this gesture is an opportunity for artists, curators, and other cultural agents to present artistic or cultural practices by weaving reference to these sources of creative inspiration into the actual fabric of the city.

Taking its inspiration from the practice of fly posting information during the PREC (Processo Revolucionario em Curso – the term used to designate Portugal’s transition into Democracy during the 70s) and the Chinese dazibao – large posters used as means of popular communication but also protest, the Mural Newspaper is both a poetic action and a weak gesture. It emerges as a quasi-unique object, given the abundance of advertisement in public spaces, whose apparition is fleeting. In this way it enters the imaginary of the city as news of something that happened but no one saw or whose full amplitude cannot be witnessed.

This gesture implies an effort of political engagement in the attempt to divert city dwellers’ time, to interrupt the experience of the given grids we inhabit. This interruption is conducted by offering the capital these practitioners have to offer: intellectual capital to be shared as an active community.

For Mural Newspaper #2 contributors were asked to answer to the title of the exhibition “The days of this society are numbered” – Guy Debord, curated by Miguel Amado.
The poster will be shown first at the Abrons Art Center and after the exhibition they will posted in the streets.

Contributors: Darren Banks, Sophie Lisa Beresford, Hugo Canoilas, Sophie Dodelin, Miguel Ferrão, Eduardo Guerra, Pedro Lagoa, Salomé Lamas, Paulo Mendes, Fernando Mesquita, Ekaterina Obermaier, Wolfgang Obermaier, Nick Oberthaler, Ben Patterson, André Romão, Kaszás Tamás, St.Auby Tamás and  Mary Temple.